Healthy Shopping for Seniors Program

TheLifeStyleDietitian – Jerlyn Jones, MS MPA RDN LD Helps Seniors in Atlanta Shop For Healthy Food. The program shows seniors how to shop, cook and eat healthy.

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I felt amazing in 4 days!

Prior to meeting with Jerlyn, I was suffering from a multitude of symptoms that were connected to an ulcerative colitis diagnosis. I wasn’t sure what it was but certain foods caused severe fatigue, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms. Once I began my elimination diet with her within 4 days I felt amazing. Throughout the program, Jerlyn has been available, consistent, and extremely helpful. Her knowledge surrounding conditions, inflammation, and symptoms is so helpful when you are trying to solve these puzzles of why your body is reacting a certain way. I am now enjoying eating again and don’t fear the dreaded tiredness I once had before. I highly recommend her services to anyone who will listen to me!


Kenya W.

I have PCOS and tried all the nutrition internet programs but nothing worked for me.

“I had tried all the nutrition internet guides but couldn’t find anything that worked for me. I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and my health is an important part of preparing for a baby. I felt sluggish, uncomfortable, sleepy during the day, no energy, and had major eczema flare-ups. I felt uncomfortable after eating out with friends and drained after eating foods I thought were okay but found out they weren’t okay for me. After working with Jerlyn I noticed which foods did work for me. Since I’ve been in the Lifestyle Transformation Program, I no longer sleep during the day, I’m more aware of foods that don’t make me feel well, and I’m consistently losing weight rather than experiencing weight fluctuations. I have found many different recipes I love which are now new staples in our household. I have a great food program to follow as I continue to become healthier. I would recommend Jerlyn to anyone who hasn’t found out what it means to eat to live and love who you are. The Lifestyle Transformation Program teaches you things that are perfect for you and not cookie-cutter for others. Thank you Jerlyn!”


Ashley H.

Thanks to Jerlyn and the Lifestyle Transformation Program, I fee more like myself again.

For over a year, I dealt with daily bloating and gas. By the time I decided to work with Jerlyn, I couldn’t remember what feeling “normal” was anymore. I couldn’t finish a meal before I felt prematurely full. Wearing pants was uncomfortable because they would cut into my bloated stomach. As a foodie and someone who loves socializing over meals, this affected my enjoyment of meals and the quality of life. A close friend recommended seeing a registered dietitian, so I did my research and came across The Lifestyle Dietitian website.

When I read about the 3-Month Lifestyle Transformation LEAP Program, it sounded too good to be true. I figured it was worth trying since I had tried everything else. The program has exceeded my expectations! As other testimonials have mentioned, I started seeing a decrease in my symptoms within the first two weeks! I no longer experience a mid-day energy slump (an unexpected benefit). I can finish my meals without getting feeling prematurely full, and I can comfortably wear jeans and high-waisted pants again! I’ve also learned a lot about ways to improve my nutrition from Jerlyn. I’ve become more knowledgeable about reading labels and the program has introduced me to a variety of new foods.

Thanks to Jerlyn and the LEAP Program. I feel more like myself again and expect to feel even better as time goes on. I would highly recommend her program. The food sensitivity test and Jerlyn’s personalized meal plan and guidance made all the difference in improving my gut health. I couldn’t be more thankful!


Sabina S. 

Since I met the amazing Jerlyn Jones (nutritionist extraordinaire), I feel like a brand-new woman!

Prior to being advised on nutrition by Jerlyn Jones, I was at an all-time low as it relates to my health and happiness. I experienced chronic fatigue, severe headaches, digestive problems (every time I ate something), mood swings, and mild depression. My memory was pitiful, I couldn’t concentrate for long and I was always struggling with food cravings. I was always at a fast-food spot spending lots of money on garbage.

I knew I was in a bad situation because my weight was higher than it had ever been. I was borderline diabetic and my knees and joints were killing me. I could barely make it through the day at work without falling asleep at my desk. I was literally drinking coffee all day just to stay awake. I had no energy to play with my active 7-year-old son or enough energy to go out on the weekends and enjoy time with my husband and friends. I felt horrible all the time. Since I met the amazing Jerlyn Jones (nutritionist extraordinaire), I feel like a brand-new woman! By taking her nutrition advice and really applying new eating habits and lifestyle changes, my health and happiness have improved by leaps and bounds. She has helped me figure out which foods work best for my body and which foods don’t. Just by following her meal plan, I lost 20 pounds in one month. My digestive problems are now a thing of the past. My energy is now through the roof (and this is with no coffee or caffeine in my body at all). My joint pain is history along with the headaches. I can now run and play with my son, and I’m so happy about that. Life is good and I feel so blessed! I could not have achieved such amazing results without my dietitian, Jerlyn Jones. I highly recommend her if you want to get back to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. She is honest, professional, intelligent, thoughtful, and real. She’s the best! Call her today!

Lelita B.

Would I recommend Jerlyn’s services to others? Absolutely!

Before I got started working with you I had made a change to my diet and nutrition by cutting all meat and dairy. I struggled to start out because I was heavy on carbs. However, once I started working with you I realized that I need to focus on whole foods and lots of vegetables. I was not happy with my weight, I thought I would just have to accept my body how it is instead of how it used to be. I struggled with it because part of the issue is that I have PCOS which made a lot of things difficult for me, especially losing weight. My cravings for sweets were so overwhelming that I thought I would never get those cravings under control. Overall, I feel better, I learned how to eat better for me, and the supplements you recommended for my PCOS helped me have a normal menstrual cycle ( which I haven’t had for the last 6 months). Would I recommend Jerlyn’s services to others? Absolutely! I’ve already recommended her services to fellow friends, everyone is wondering what I did to lose weight.

Shanice J.

The changes I made with Jerlyn’s nutrition program gave me more energy and no ankle pain.

I thought that I watched what I ate but I ate too much. I craved chocolate and Publix fried chicken. I didn’t like how I looked anymore. I had a gut and my ankle hurt. The changes I made with Jerlyn’s nutrition program gave me more energy and no ankle pain. I recently played in a soccer tournament. Miss Jones stayed with me throughout my journey. She does weekly checkups and follow-up on all early notes that I provided to ensure that I achieved my set goals. While helping to eat properly. It was a great journey.

Jenifer M.

She helped me understand my body’s responses to different foods and how to transition into nourishing my body the way it needed

Before working with Jerlyn, I was in pretty good health, but I was experiencing a number of digestive symptoms that I couldn’t trace. The fact that I was eating healthy and still having issues was discouraging. Now, I feel SO MUCH better!! I look better (skin and weight) and even sleep better. I have more energy. The issues I was having are gone and if I experience anything similar, I am now able to trace it and eliminate it if needed. I would absolutely recommend her nutrition services. She helped me understand my body’s responses to different foods and how to transition into nourishing my body the way it needed. She was encouraging every step of the way and gave me very realistic and practical tools for my nutrition. Her services were exactly what was needed for my health journey!

Melanie M.

Jerlyn’s nutrition program lowered my cholesterol and improved my cycling performance.

Jerlyn’s nutrition program lowered my cholesterol and improved my cycling performance. I was frustrated because medications, diet, and exercise didn’t lower my cholesterol. Jerlyn assisted me with a vegan meal plan and my cholesterol fell 20 points! I recommended her (nutrition) services to other cyclists, friends, and family members.

Eric W.

Always took the time to answer my questions, no matter how inconvenient

Jerlyn helped me reduced my inflammation and blood pressure medications. I would definitely recommend her nutrition services. It was great working with Jerlyn from the beginning. She explained the Lifestyle Transformation Program very well and always took the time to answer my questions, no matter how inconvenient. I appreciate all that she did.

Cheryl M.

She is professional, kind, and provides you with an individual treatment plan

I would 100% recommend Jerlyn to help you with an individual nutrition plan. She is professional, kind, and provides you with an individual treatment plan, which is super important to me. I struggled with acne, anxiety, weight fluctuations, and GI issues. My health has always made me self-conscious. I wanted to be less winded when out with friends. I wanted to feel stronger and more confident in my clothes. I wanted to be able to wear a swimsuit and feel confident in how I looked. It wasn’t necessarily around a size more so my own perception of me. The biggest change I made was realizing that I had specific food sensitivities that caused inflammation, which decreased my energy levels and created a lot of internal issues, affecting my gut and mental health. Removing those foods and focusing on foods that create energy has been a huge game-changer. I have a long way to go with building consistency around which foods to eat, but the knowledge is very powerful for me. She helped me focus on foods that increased my energy levels and made me stronger. I know which foods to eat when I go out now. Nutrition knowledge is very powerful to me. You definitely have to be ready to make changes in your life, as working with her will definitely push you toward your goals.

Britni B.

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