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    Latest Blog Posts

    Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods

    What is inflammation?  Inflammation is a normal process in your body that is part of host defense and tissue healing. A little bit of inflammation contributes to healing. Generally speaking, inflammation is the body’s immune system’s response to an irritant. Many things can cause inflammation such as pathogens (bacteria, viruses, or fungi), an external injury like…

    Menopause Doesn’t Have To Be Miserable

    Menopause is becoming mainstream. It’s slowly no longer becoming a confusing, and taboo topic. Nowadays, women shouldn’t have to suffer in silence about this natural transition in their lives. Online Menopause Course This is one of the many reasons I created a 6-week online course: 6 Sure-Fire Steps to Successfully Manage Menopause. This online course…

    Strategies for Eating Better in 2023 and Beyond

    Did you make a promise to eat better this year? I know it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the latest healthy eating trend, or the top “superfood” ingredient. However, good nutrition is really about consistently choosing healthier foods and beverages most of the time. I remind my clients and patients that consistency is the key…

    Latest Recipes

    Sparkling Pomegranate Mocktail [Recipe]

    A refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail you can enjoy all year round. The flavors are crisp, slightly sweet, and tart with enough bubbles for a festive feeling.

    Black-Eyed Peas Salad & Pomegranate Vinaigrette [Recipe]

      This recipe is perfect as a side holiday dish. The pomegranate vinaigrette adds a bit of sweetness without added sugars.

    Quick Creamy Vegan Fonio Chocolate Pudding [Recipe]

      Simple, quick, and delicious vegan chocolate pudding to satisfy your sweet cravings.