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    1-on-1 Transformation Program

    During your initial nutrition counseling session, I’ll listen to your nutritional goals, discuss your medical history, analyze recent nutrition-related labs, and review your food history diary. We’ll also discuss lifestyle issues like sleep, stress, and fitness. Together we will come up with an individualized lifestyle plan that works specifically for you.

    I have more energy without coffee!

    I restricted myself to 1200-1400 calories a day to drop weight but it wasn’t sustainable. However, I noticed that as I started to introduce carbs back into my diet I suffered from cramps and felt very lethargic. I wanted to eat carbs again but in a way that didn’t change how I feel. This program [Lifestyle Transformation Program] changed how I view certain foods. I integrated more healthy fats and carbs such as sweet potatoes that I would avoid. Also, it expanded my grains to things such as buckwheat and millet which were not in my diet. When following the eating plan and my base foods I have more energy, I feel less tired, less brain fog, less bloated, and overall, happier. I’m able to focus better at work, have longer uninterrupted sleep, more energy throughout the day without coffee. I would recommend the Lifestyle Transformation Program,  especially for those that suffer from inflammation.


    Simone D.

    My Tests Were “Normal” But I Didn’t Feel That Way

    I came to Jerlyn feeling frustrated with my body. By my definition, I was eating healthy, eating the right things, and still, I was not feeling a difference in my body. I couldn’t understand why I felt so tired, why I was gaining weight that would not budge and had varying skin changes from itchiness, redness, dryness, and bloating! I was frustrated, my PCP had run tests to help assess any potential abnormalities or confounding factors, everything came back within the normal range, and I was “fine”. I did not feel that way, I wanted an answer that felt tangible. I was left with questions and decided to reach out to Jerlyn to tap into her expertise for help. Since starting the program I have noticed many changes, I no longer feel the skin itchiness, no anxiousness, and feel like I have energy and don’t need caffeine to carry me through the day! The program has helped me understand my triggers for bloating, itchiness, fatigue, and other issues. I’m aware of what I’m putting into my body and how it makes me feel and find foods that I enjoy. I am able to fall asleep easier, wake up faster, and get through my day more smoothly. I am more intentional about the foods I’m eating and make decisions to avoid certain things that I have learned my body may not agree with. I would absolutely recommend the program and Jerlyn to others. It requires commitment, patience, discipline, and grace for yourself. It was not always easy, and some days frustrating, but Jerlyn was there and willing to help navigate the situation. She lays out the plan and provides useful resources.

    Brenda M.

    No more suffering from ulcerative colitis

    I have suffered from ulcerative colitis for over 20 years and was recently in the midst of a very bad flare-up. Many days I could barely get out of bed and would go to the bathroom 15-20 times a day. I felt horrible and knew I needed a drastic change. I noticed certain foods I consumed resulted in a lot of inflammation and if I didn’t get relief soon, I would have to go to the hospital. I reached out to Jerlyn for help. We got started right away with identifying foods that contributed to my stomach issues. She set out a plan for me to follow and I felt immediate relief. Within a week, I was symptom-free. I have continued to do well with encouragement and motivation from Jerlyn. She was always available for any questions or issues. I would highly recommend utilizing her nutrition services. I am happy to say that due to my lifestyle change, I was able to stop taking a medication I had been on for years. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time. Jerlyn, thank you for everything!

    Starla B.

    No more chronic fatigue and inflammation

    I sought out Jerlyn’s nutrition services because I was tired of suffering from chronic fatigue, inflammation, and the heaviest I’ve ever been. I worried the extra weight would impact my living with PCOS. During the program, I learned tools to understand which foods are appropriate for my body. As a result, I have more energy, I feel better, and the weight loss doesn’t hurt either. I definitely recommend the Lifestyle Transformation Program because the program is geared towards your specific nutrition needs and not just placing you in a one-stop program. 



    Stacey W.

    I didn’t know which foods were causing bloating, nausea, and fatigue.

    I was a relatively healthy person for most of my life. I exercised regularly and ate healthy foods, but then about 6 months before I started seeing Jerlyn I started to develop gut issues out of nowhere. I felt nauseous and bloated after most meals and then started feeling tired all the time and eventually started to experience muscle pain and joint stiffness. I rarely worked out and didn’t know which foods were the problem. Within 2 weeks of making dietary changes the fatigue, body aches, and pains were gone. I went back to my normal exercise routine. No more anxiety around food. I would recommend Jerlyn’s nutrition services to anyone who is experiencing any type of gut issues or just wants to be more aware of their food sensitivities. I wish I had come to Jerlyn sooner because I realized that in those 6 months I was going to a bunch of different doctors trying to understand the root cause of my issues. I was eating a lot of foods I was sensitive to so I was actually making myself feel worse without even knowing it.

    Meheret M.

    I was able to stop/delay my intense food cravings.

    I was suffering from some inflammation and weight gain that would barely budge with 100% effort. Regular tasks became challenging to complete along with breathing and moving. The Lifestyle Transformation Program helped me stop/delay my intense food cravings. Now, I’m able to see which foods are triggers for weight gain and inflammation. I’m able to breathe and move comfortably. You will see improved health changes with this program.



    Toya P.

    I got help with my acne and sleep struggles.

    Prior to working with Jerlyn, my eating habits were very inconsistent and I was trying many diets on my own to help manage my risk of developing type 2 diabetes and finding the right things to eat to help with my acne breakouts. I was feeling very drained and honestly was ready to give up and accept my fate of developing type 2 diabetes and having acne for the rest of my life. I even struggled with my sleep and mental health issues and never even considered the fact that food could be the cause of that. With Jerlyn’s help, I was eating cleaner and I was also feeling lighter and less sluggish. I was better able to understand how foods work, the various foods I should be eating at a meal which helped decrease the pressure I put on myself when it came to eating right for my body. I would recommend Jerlyn’s services to anyone who is struggling with diet or health issues and have tried everything to manage it on their own. It is so worth it! I promise you will learn information, not just about your food sensitivities but which foods you should be eating for your specific health concerns.

    Amirah S.

    I felt amazing in 4 days!

    Prior to meeting with Jerlyn, I was suffering from a multitude of symptoms that were connected to an ulcerative colitis diagnosis. I wasn’t sure what it was but certain foods caused severe fatigue, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms. Once I began my elimination diet with her within 4 days I felt amazing. Throughout the program, Jerlyn has been available, consistent, and extremely helpful. Her knowledge surrounding conditions, inflammation, and symptoms is so helpful when you are trying to solve these puzzles of why your body is reacting a certain way. I am now enjoying eating again and don’t fear the dreaded tiredness I once had before. I highly recommend her services to anyone who will listen to me!


    Kenya W.

    I have PCOS and tried all the nutrition internet programs but nothing worked for me.

    “I had tried all the nutrition internet guides but couldn’t find anything that worked for me. I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and my health is an important part of preparing for a baby. I felt sluggish, uncomfortable, sleepy during the day, no energy, and had major eczema flare-ups. I felt uncomfortable after eating out with friends and drained after eating foods I thought were okay but found out they weren’t okay for me. After working with Jerlyn I noticed which foods did work for me. Since I’ve been in the Lifestyle Transformation Program, I no longer sleep during the day, I’m more aware of foods that don’t make me feel well, and I’m consistently losing weight rather than experiencing weight fluctuations. I have found many different recipes I love which are now new staples in our household. I have a great food program to follow as I continue to become healthier. I would recommend Jerlyn to anyone who hasn’t found out what it means to eat to live and love who you are. The Lifestyle Transformation Program teaches you things that are perfect for you and not cookie-cutter for others. Thank you Jerlyn!”


    Ashley H.

    Thanks to Jerlyn and the Lifestyle Transformation Program, I fee more like myself again.

    For over a year, I dealt with daily bloating and gas. By the time I decided to work with Jerlyn, I couldn’t remember what feeling “normal” was anymore. I couldn’t finish a meal before I felt prematurely full. Wearing pants was uncomfortable because they would cut into my bloated stomach. As a foodie and someone who loves socializing over meals, this affected my enjoyment of meals and the quality of life. A close friend recommended seeing a registered dietitian, so I did my research and came across The Lifestyle Dietitian website.

    When I read about the 3-Month Lifestyle Transformation LEAP Program, it sounded too good to be true. I figured it was worth trying since I had tried everything else. The program has exceeded my expectations! As other testimonials have mentioned, I started seeing a decrease in my symptoms within the first two weeks! I no longer experience a mid-day energy slump (an unexpected benefit). I can finish my meals without getting feeling prematurely full, and I can comfortably wear jeans and high-waisted pants again! I’ve also learned a lot about ways to improve my nutrition from Jerlyn. I’ve become more knowledgeable about reading labels and the program has introduced me to a variety of new foods.

    Thanks to Jerlyn and the LEAP Program. I feel more like myself again and expect to feel even better as time goes on. I would highly recommend her program. The food sensitivity test and Jerlyn’s personalized meal plan and guidance made all the difference in improving my gut health. I couldn’t be more thankful!


    Sabina S. 

    Since I met the amazing Jerlyn Jones (nutritionist extraordinaire), I feel like a brand-new woman!

    Prior to being advised on nutrition by Jerlyn Jones, I was at an all-time low as it relates to my health and happiness. I experienced chronic fatigue, severe headaches, digestive problems (every time I ate something), mood swings, and mild depression. My memory was pitiful, I couldn’t concentrate for long and I was always struggling with food cravings. I was always at a fast-food spot spending lots of money on garbage.

    I knew I was in a bad situation because my weight was higher than it had ever been. I was borderline diabetic and my knees and joints were killing me. I could barely make it through the day at work without falling asleep at my desk. I was literally drinking coffee all day just to stay awake. I had no energy to play with my active 7-year-old son or enough energy to go out on the weekends and enjoy time with my husband and friends. I felt horrible all the time. Since I met the amazing Jerlyn Jones (nutritionist extraordinaire), I feel like a brand-new woman! By taking her nutrition advice and really applying new eating habits and lifestyle changes, my health and happiness have improved by leaps and bounds. She has helped me figure out which foods work best for my body and which foods don’t. Just by following her meal plan, I lost 20 pounds in one month. My digestive problems are now a thing of the past. My energy is now through the roof (and this is with no coffee or caffeine in my body at all). My joint pain is history along with the headaches. I can now run and play with my son, and I’m so happy about that. Life is good and I feel so blessed! I could not have achieved such amazing results without my dietitian, Jerlyn Jones. I highly recommend her if you want to get back to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. She is honest, professional, intelligent, thoughtful, and real. She’s the best! Call her today!

    Lelita B.

    Would I recommend Jerlyn’s services to others? Absolutely!

    Before I got started working with you I had made a change to my diet and nutrition by cutting all meat and dairy. I struggled to start out because I was heavy on carbs. However, once I started working with you I realized that I need to focus on whole foods and lots of vegetables. I was not happy with my weight, I thought I would just have to accept my body how it is instead of how it used to be. I struggled with it because part of the issue is that I have PCOS which made a lot of things difficult for me, especially losing weight. My cravings for sweets were so overwhelming that I thought I would never get those cravings under control. Overall, I feel better, I learned how to eat better for me, and the supplements you recommended for my PCOS helped me have a normal menstrual cycle ( which I haven’t had for the last 6 months). Would I recommend Jerlyn’s services to others? Absolutely! I’ve already recommended her services to fellow friends, everyone is wondering what I did to lose weight.

    Shanice J.

    The 3-Month Lifestyle Transformation LEAP Program 

    The LEAP eating plan is designed to reduce the level of inflammation and symptoms as quickly as possible. Suffering from digestive issues, headaches, joint & muscle pains, fatigue, weight imbalances, and many other symptoms? This 3-month program is for you!

    • 90-minute Kick-off Session
    • Food Sensitivity Test
    • Food Diary Nutrient Analysis and Assessment of Current Meal Plans
    • Personal Health Assessment
    • Nutrition Handouts & Recipes
    • 3 Follow Up Sessions
    • Weekly Food Diary/symptoms Review and Feedback
    • LEAP Meal Plans
    • Weekly Email Support Between Sessions
    • Access to Discounted Professional-Grade Supplements

    The Lifestyle Reset Program

    Reset your eating habits with a 5-day nutritional breakthrough program that is scientifically shown to help you:
    – Lose fat while preserving lean body mass
    – Activate the body’s cellular clean-up and rejuvenation process
    – Maintain metabolic balance
    – Control food cravings and portion size 2

    • 90-minute Kick-off Session
    • ProLon Fast Mimicking Diet 5-Day Supply
    • Food Diary Nutrient Analysis and Assessment of Current Meal Plans
    • Personal Health Assessment
    • Nutrition Handouts & Recipes
    • 3 Follow Up Sessions
    • Weekly Food Diary/symptoms Review and Feedback
    • Meal Plans
    • Weekly Email Support Between Sessions
    • Access to Discounted Professional-Grade Supplements

    I look forward to working with you!

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