Are you ready to…

Have more energy?
Decrease sugar cravings?
Stop the yo-yo dieting?
Prevent a chronic illness?
Manage a chronic illness?
Change how you view food?
Look and feel your best?
Make a lifestyle change?

I’m here to help guide you with simple nutrition solutions for YOU!

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Hi! I’m Jerlyn (pronounced Je-lan) Jones a licensed registered dietitian nutritionist and certified LEAP therapist to support and guide you in overcoming your health challenges. My approach with clients is a non-diet method called Intuitive Eating, learning how to trust yourself to make small and simple food choices. I believe choosing whole nutritious foods combined with fitness and loving yourself is important towards health and happiness.

My specialties

  • Weight Management (weight loss and weight gain)
  • LEAP InnunoCalm Dietary Program
  • Blood Glucose Control & Metabolic Disorders
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Gastrointestinal & Digestive Health

What to Expect

During your initial nutrition counseling session, I’ll listen to your nutritional goals, discuss your medical history, analyze recent nutrition-related labs, and review your food history diary. We’ll also discuss lifestyle issues like sleep, stress, and fitness. Together we will come up with an individualized lifestyle plan that works specifically for you. Follow-up appointments are 60 minutes.

The  Lifestyle Jumpstart Program (1 Month)

Learn how to eat healthier to get you on the path towards achieving your health goals.

  • 90-minute Kick-off Session
  • Food Diary Nutrient Analysis and Assessment of Current Meal Plans
  • Personal Health Assessment
  • Nutrition Handouts & Recipes
  • 3 follow up sessions
  • Email support between sessions

The Lifestyle Transformation Program (3 Months)

Ready to make a real, lasting investment in your health and wellbeing? Looking to feel better? With accountability and consistent, ongoing support you will maximize your long-term results.

  • 90-minute Kick-off Session
  • Food Diary Nutrient Analysis and Assessment of Current Meal Plans
  • Personal Health Assessment
  • Nutrition Handouts & Recipes
  • 3 follow up sessions
  • Weekly food diary review and feedback
  • Meal Plans
  • Bi-weekly action steps to support you in meeting your goals
  • Email support between sessions

Contact me to set up an appointment. I look forward to working with you!

Please Note: 

  • I do not accept insurance. However, I will readily provide you with the necessary information to submit for reimbursement from your insurance provider.
  • Counseling sessions are conducted online using a secure medical video conferencing platform or via phone.
  • You are responsible for using all appointments purchased. Sessions expire 1 year from initial purchase date.

Cancellation Policy
We understand that sometimes our busy work/life schedules can get hectic and we forget appointments we have scheduled for that day. However, we ask that you be considerate in valuing our time by showing up on time. We believe in providing excellent service for our clients to help them become their BEST selves.

When you book an appointment, that time is exclusively reserved for you. When you cancel, not only do we lose your business, but we also lose the business of another individual who could have scheduled an appointment at the same time.

If you know you cannot make your appointment, contact us 48 hours in advance to cancel/reschedule your appointment.

There is a $75 fee for no-show appointments and cancellations less than 48 hours in advance.